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Scouting Seychelles!

Scouting Seychelles!

Last November I travelled to Seychelles where I scouted for a venue for a SuccessSpark Brand Ltd writing retreat. It has always been one of my business dreams to host a writing retreat in the Seychelles. Some of you expressed interest in joining me in November 2017 for seven transformative days at the ocean and the beach.

You encouraged me to run with the idea and I did. It has taken me a while to get here but I finally did. I secured a location, the luxurious Eden Island Properties, which was my preference from the start. A cool place to relax and drink by the beach and pretend to own an island property, just because we can dream. Writers are dreamers.

In addition to our intense writing sessions, there will be space to relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy yourself by the beach, take a tour of the island and visit several hidden jewels.

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