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Professional Writing Retreat at Lagoon Resort 2018

jackee Lagoon2018

  Last November, we held our eighth writing retreat at the well-maintained Lagoon Resort in Mukono with its white sand beach and lush garden with tall trees. The retreats offer a place to hone writers’ skills. The students were exposed to independent writing sessions, group workshops, and one-on-one sessions where they discussed their writing projects and plans, and got valuable real time ... Read More »

The Professional Writing Retreat at Humura

Jackee Humura Retreat-2

I always tell people writing is not merely only about the literary. Writing seeps into every area of our life even into business. So when we held the first Professional Writing Retreat this year with teams from Lutheran World Relief, KNOC and NUSAF, it felt exciting being able to pass on skills and knowledge about better reporting, better documentation, better ... Read More »

A Return to One Minute South

Jackee at Bulago June 2017

Rejuvenating. It’s always rejuvenating taking a boat ride over to One Minute South at Bulago and taking in four days with eager storytellers. Crystal and I had an amazing time with Unior, Paul, Penelope, Fiona and Jan. The boat ride can be a little harrowing but once we’re unpacked and in sync with the island, the therapy starts. For me, it’s ... Read More »

Imagine A Storytelling Kampala : A Successful Meet and Greet


Wednesday 29th March was a glorious day! Nestled into Windsor Crescent at L’Epicurien Restaurant, we hosted some of Kampala’s thought leaders to an evening of birthing the idea of telling our stories. As they munched on fish fingers, chicken and beef skewers and sipped to wine, juice and some water, it felt relieving revealing that it was possible to tell ... Read More »

Successful first Book Writing Masterclass of 2017

The Class and Jackee (1) 25th February 2017 One Day Book Writing Class

We held the first SuccessSpark Brand One-day Book Writing Masterclass for 2017 on Saturday, 25th February. The class was a perfect mix of study, conversation and good food. While usually most of our students focus on fiction, this class mainly comprised students whose focus was on publishing that non-fiction book that will impact not just their immediate community but the global ... Read More »

Scouting Seychelles!


Last November I travelled to Seychelles where I scouted for a venue for a SuccessSpark Brand Ltd writing retreat. It has always been one of my business dreams to host a writing retreat in the Seychelles. Some of you expressed interest in joining me in November 2017 for seven transformative days at the ocean and the beach. You encouraged me ... Read More »

An agent against the sale of humans by Jackee Budesta Batanda

Agnes Igoye at work

We sit in her office at the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control, where Agnes Igoye works as a senior immigration officer and training manager. It is a hot day and over the whirring of the fan, Igoye, speaks of her childhood with fond memories about her parents giving her a chance at getting an education. Igoye says her birth ... Read More »